Dems Want to Know About Databases

Senate Democrats have announced that they want to see the databases of information collected by the Pentagon on peace activists, according to MSNBC.

Though the Pentagon has admitted it was mistaken in collecting information regarding 186 antiwar protests, it claims that the problem has been fixed. Democrats are not content with this however, nor should they be. Congress members say they want to know what data was collected as well as why and how the Pentagon intended to use it.

Patrick Leahy, a Democrat from Vermont, stated, “I fully intend to ask what’s in those databanks, because many of them go way beyond any legitimate needs for our security.”

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2 Responses to “Dems Want to Know About Databases”

  1. lightcontrast Says:

    They have something to hide don’t they?

  2. Agent KGB Says:

    I guess so. I can’t imagine that many of the antiwar protests were going to turn violent and I very much doubt any threatened anyone, so if they release the information it’d kind of kill their whole “it’s vital to our national security” idea.

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