Bible in Texas Schools

Texas may become the first state to require an elective Bible course in a school if 15 students sign up, according to the Los Angeles Times. Religion is a major force in the world, and something the religious and non-religious should both have an understanding of, so in some ways this does make sense. Even with teacher training aside however, I see two major problems.

1. All major religions are a major force in world events, so any reasoning that applies to the Bible applies to the Koran, Rigveda, etc. Either there should be electives for other world religions equally available, or it should be an elective that covers religions as a whole.

2. The primary textbook for the course would apparently be the Bible. According to Represenative Warren Chisum, “It just makes sense to use the Bible if that’s the course that you’re talking about, it’s the most available book in the world.” Firstly, availability is not an issue, that’s what FedEx is for. More importantly, learning about the Bible primarily from the Bible is obviously going to be biased. In high school, I read only excerpts from the Communist Manifesto for school, we learned about communism primarily from the textbook.  Primary sources are great, they should not be, so to speak, the primary source in a public classroom.

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    Bible in Texas Schools

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