Gitmo Detainee Says He’ll Commit Suicide

Juma Mohammed Al-Dossar, a detainee at Gitmo, says he’ll commit suicide if he gets the chance, according to USA Today. He’s been held since January of 2002 without charges there, and is 33 years old, meaning he’s spent around 15% of his life there. Assuming detainees are not tortured, apparently indefinite confinement for reasons you’re not told makes you feel suicidal. Who would have guessed.

Currently about 380 people are held at Guantanamo,80 of which have been cleared for release but are waiting for agreements to be made for countries to accept them.

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3 Responses to “Gitmo Detainee Says He’ll Commit Suicide”

  1. Imee Says:

    nearly two years ago and i’ve never known about this. what ever happened to this guy? i hope obama’s actions on gitmo are now in effect

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